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AC/DC - Stand Up

Piesa AC/DC Stand Up face parte de pe albumul Fly on the Wall , lansat in anul 1985 la casa de discuri Legacy Recordings .

Versuri AC/DC - Stand Up

Put on the headset, get on the stage Out on a midnight escapade Didn't want to steal your thunder Wouldn't want to play your game Makin' all the headlines, gettin' on the front page Didn't even know her number I didn't even know her name

CHORUS: Stand up, stand up and take it Stand up, stand up and make it Stand up, stand up and face it Stand up

Get on the red dress, slip on the lace Up for a high heel and a pretty face Woman wanna get you under Woman wanna get you tame Lovin' on a hot night Stokin' up the flame Didn't wanna know her number Didn't wanna know her name


You can make it



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