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Well, I met her in the garden 
Underneath that old apple tree 
Sitting with a handful of flowers 
Looking as cool as can be 
We talked away a couple of hours 
Then she laid her hand on my lap 
Oh, I thought I got to be dreaming 
I didn't know I fell in her trap 
Then she made me say things I didn't want to say 
Then she made me play games I didn't want to play 
She was a soul stripper, she took my heart 
Soul stripper, and tore me apart 
She started moving nice and easy 
Slowly getting into my spine 
Killing off this nice little feeling 
Ooooh, everyone she could find 
And when she had me hollow and naked 
That's when she put me down 
Pulled out a knife and flashed it before me 
Stuck it in and turned it around 


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