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AC/DC insane rock`n`roll for 60.000 people in Bucharest

After the huge success of the Black Ice Tour in so many parts of the world and after seeing YouTube videos with the live act of AC/DC, romanian fans had a pretty clear idea about how spectacular the show will be on the 16th of May in Bucharest.

And because fortunately the monitor will never replace the stage, last night the public truly understood what an AC/DC concert is all about.

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The band `disembarked` with the whole arsenal in `Piata Constitutiei`, Bucharest – the AC/DC steam engine, the huge sexy blow-up doll Rosie, the gigantic bell that started the piece `Hells Bells` and, of course, the devil`s horns.

But no matter how many fireworks (cause there were true fireworks at the end of the super-concert) you invent for selling tickets, it`s not enough. The big bomb was the band itself – an electrifying, very much alive, AC/DC.

These boys have an amazing energy, Angus seems to be living for the guitar show and very few younger musicians can say they have so much physical resistance.

The AC/DC show exploded with an animated intro which was meant to announce the theme of the next two hours: a locomotive is moving insanely fast and Angus is getting some coal in the fire. Then two girls with naughty nipples appear, they tie down the guitar player (after doing some pervert moves) and then jump off the train. Our hero manages to get himself free, grabs his guitar and leaves the machine in time, before the steam engine blows up at the end of the line.

What went on next was pure rock`n`roll, with AC/DC hits, the famous moves of the guitar player and very good images on the two screens. The story ended by the book, with excellent sound, fireworks and ecsatic fans.

To stay in theme, AC/DC had brought in Bucharest `a hell of a concert!`.

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