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Well I tied my baby to the railroad track 
Cannonball down the line 
Giving that woman just a one more chance 
To give it to me one more time 
Engineer wishing he was home in bed 
Dreaming about Casey Jones 
Wide-eyed woman heading a mile ahead[...woman half a mile ahead] 
Thinking about broken bones 
It's her love that I want 
It's her love that I need 
It's her love got to have 
It's her love 
Heavenly body flying across the sky 
Superman was out of town 
Come on honey, gotta change your tune 
Cause it's a long way down 
Clark Kent looking for a free ride 
Thinking about Lois Lane 
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's - a suicide 
And that'd be a shame 
But what's next to the moon? 
Long Arm looking for a fingerprint 
Trying to find the mystery clue 
Hitting me with the third degree 
Working on a thumb screw  
Alright, officer, I confess 
Everything's coming back 
I didn't mean to hurt that woman of mine 
It was a heart attack 
What's next to the moon?


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