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Alex Velea 2Night feat Matteo face parte de pe albumul Yamasha , lansat in anul 2006 la Roton .

Versuri Alex Velea - 2Night feat Matteo

I gotta know if you got a man
And if you don't let me be your friend
Just take my hand and hold me tight,
Oh let me work your body right.
Just put your lips close to mine,
Girl you're fine, fine, so fine,
Slow ride to me o, through the night.

Whajo whajo do you put dem on fire
Whajo whajo are you erryman desire
Delano, you a murderer,
Ring the allarm, number one killer!

Tonight is the night,
I feel your body so tight,
It's like a dream come true,
All I think about is you.

I'm gettin' hot to feel your body
(Shake it like that) I know you got it
(Bring it like that) I get it started
Just the two of you and havin' a party.

Weed as a gun gala gimme yo lickle an
Let me take it take it take it to a cruiser run
Me danger if you are a man,
No gimme a run and put them a run.
I jump y'an nuffy wha' and I jump y'an nuffy neither
If you fuck a lot and smoke up my weed
Broke out and let a fita breeda
Let's get high, we're no ganja breeda.


Oh, I love you so,
Oh, I love you so,
I love your control...
Oh, I love you so.


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