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I like to keep them pictures at sleep
That gave us the feel that needed our dreams
All my tears will soon wash away
And give you the strength you’re needing today

I’d like to pass with you all these years
To change, to arrange, to break what strange
You love to paint me so many tears
And leave my old faces that made me so mean…

Maybe one day the rain will come
And wash away the dreams we’ve drawn
Maybe one day the wind will blow
Tearing apart the sand castle walls
Maybe one day I’ll hear your voice
Whisper in the desert’s sound
Maybe one day, maybe today
Maybe I’ll wait…

I could show you love, compassion and faith
But I should wear those clothes keeping your name
You wanna see me swim in your ocean
Being addicted to the waves of emotion

You’ve sailed all your goals to make me leave
My home, my friends, the colors, the fields
I’ll fly iron wings and I’ll be long gone
It’s just like the day you didn’t, you didn’t come…


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