Alexandra&Alec - Story

Versuri Alexandra&Alec - Story

Hours go by in a blink of an eye
I don’t think but feel
Tell me is this real
There was that night
I fell in your arms
So naturally, like you said it would be

Ooh oh… I didn’t know
Nobody could ever explain
Ooh oh… I didn’t know
We have the same music running through our veins

Let me, let me tell you a story
About someone who told me don’t worry
Look at the skies, the answer you’ll find
I’ll be with you for mornings to come…

One touch of your hand and I understand
The words you don’t say
Are precious this way
And you can hear
The music in me
So naturally… like you said it would be


And I’ve been waiting for so long it hurts
Oh I’ve been waiting to hear you play those perfect notes


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