Blaine Larsen - Best Man

Versuri Blaine Larsen - Best Man

My mama got married to someone I barely knew 
They had me and then they had my sister too 
I was too young to understand why he left 
But how it broke Mama's heart, I'll never forget 
It was three years before she met somebody new 
And though I didn't have much to compare him to 
He was the best man, my mama ever loved 
Not the kind that walks away, but the kind that don't give up 
Devoted and true, someone to look up to 
Even a boy of eight could understand 
He was the best man 
He called me his son and I called him my dad 
He was the like no friend I had ever had 
He taught me how to drive a nail and how to build a go-cart 
And how to love a women with all of my heart 
One night we watched him get down on one knee 
And ask mama to be his wife, then he asked me 
To be the best man, and I stood by his side 
As he lifted the veil of that beautiful bride 
He said I do, then she did too 
And she walked back down the aisle holding hands 
With the best man