Britney Spears - My Baby

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Piesa Britney Spears My Baby face parte de pe albumul Circus , lansat in anul 2008 la casa de discuri Jive Records .

Versuri Britney Spears - My Baby

Tiny hands. Yes, that's you. And all you show, It's simply true. I smell your breathe, it makes me cry. I wonder how, I've lived my life.

[Chorus] Cause without you, How did I get through, All of my days, Without you? Now living with you, See everything's true, My baby, it's you. My baby. My baby, My baby.

With no words at all, So tiny and small. In love I fall, So deep. So deep.

My precious love, Sent from above. My baby boo, God I thank you. God I thank you.

[Chorus 2x]


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