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Piesa byron Forbidden Drama face parte de pe albumul Forbidden Drama , lansat in anul 2007 la casa de discuri A&A Records .

Versuri byron - Forbidden Drama

progression of manners, filthy gestures, cheap excuses, moistened words,

facing bullets of unkindness, asking the weak to be strong.

just like a child,

just like an innocent drunk who doesn’t know the meaning of being

awake for a day to reveal he failed - he’s actually…dead.


fighting each other,  building high laws,

quoting bibles, dying alone,

can’t survive with this september waiting so long to be wrong...

facing the gods,

facing the lost dreams of strange subterraneans hiding their faces

and hoping for bloom, dancing in circles to bring back life to the earth.


filling the pots of illusion,

creating confusion,

blending the pure with the whore,

living the others` drama

as dalai lama -

a peace that will always bring war…

tie down those feelings I used to ignore…


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