Case - If

Versuri Case - If

If you want me 
Just whisper, you could let me know 
Letting all my feelings go 
Don't want to be in love alone 
If you need me 
What you need to do is let me go 
And if I come back you know 
How wrong it feels to be alone 
It's sad that my love has gone away 
And it's too bad the love I gave was too real to stay 
Now loving you has become seperate ways 
So now I think I gotta leave 
Cuz I really need my space 
Understand that I don't really want to go away, no no 
But you not trusting me, pushing me away 
You seem to think that all I need  
Is in-and-out from you 
But I could go about anywhere  
With someone to do the things you do 
Break it down, break it down 
Feels good 
Excuse me 
Say whooaaaa whooaaa  
[Chorus to end]