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Disturbed - Avarice

Piesa Disturbed Avarice face parte de pe albumul Ten Thousand Fists , lansat in anul 2005 la casa de discuri Warner Bros .

Versuri Disturbed - Avarice

Politics and evil 
All one in the same 
Satan hides behind a different name 
Take these chains away 
Free my hands from bondage 
Can't explain away 
Avarice will kill you in time 
Violent upheaval 
Cities drenched in flame 
Wickedness we know we can contain 
Who will we murder now 
See what we are becoming 
An onyx veil that filters out the light 
I'll savour this anger 
My hate makes me stronger 
Free my hands from bondage 
Take these chains away 
Running from destruction 
Avarice will kill you in time 
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