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Drake - Can't Hide From Love [Freestyle]

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Drake Can't Hide From Love [Freestyle] face parte de pe albumul Drought Is Over , lansat in anul 2009 la 1 Stop .

Versuri Drake - Can't Hide From Love [Freestyle]

Uh, yeah man, uh
I feel real good right about now
I feel like im, im making a return
I ain`t even been gone yet I ain`t even
Taken a leave of absence but I feel like I`m back
Yeah man


Check, I roll with the coalition, when no one listened
I spoke out now niggas is throwing this in
You gassed up, my vehicle low emission
I can enter your field trip with no permission
Slip, i`ve done it before told ya I run it before
Now the city is mine, and what you thought it would be
Ain`t a rapper working harder than me I put my heart in T
Uh, ?, carry the city on my back like a Jansport
Or even in a victor bag, so if you quick to brag then u get clipped to tag
Homie, u make a lot of music niggas ain`t feeling
You rappers shouldn`t rap, you rappers should paint ceilings
That`s why I ain`t competitive y`all, cuz deep down I know im much better than y`all
Watchu mean do I actually flow, wanna know if I actually flow just ask V-O
Im tryna make the wrist on my cousin ashley glow till she waken up by someone and it actually snow
Stop snitching if your man seen a killer, you never ever seen it, it can`t seem familiar
We keep it on and poppin like the dance scene in Thriller
This the new version fresh prince and andreana miller
And d-10tion the boi-1da
And people focused on keeping the boy under
Probably cuz I don`t act like y`all
And I ain`t gotta sell crack like y`all
Well not really, I mean I do move crack in a disc form
But thats only because I don`t rap like y`all
And now its occurring to them
Its starting to be my friend is reassuring to them
Either that or every verse im referring to them
So catch me in a zone till they leave me alone
Uh, yea, and its down south for the summer ima leave them at home

Uh, and thats just what it is
Uh, everybody that mess with me I see you
You feel me
Benard I see ya homie
Precise I see ya
Ransom, brandon I see ya
Uh, niko I see ya uh
Yea richie sosa I see ya uh
Yea JD Era I see ya
Mayhem maury er I see ya
Yea that`s the coalition
D-10tion boi-1da the commitment
Heartfelt music
Andreana I see you baby
Sox yea, row
You know
Uh, we keep it goin, there`s no stopping it
Its my year its my summer my decade
Yea you got an entry flow, you gotta stick around for the whole century flow nigga
That`s how I do it holla at me
And thats it

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