» Hooverphonic » Hooverphonic si Matthias Lebeer au lansat un nou clip pentru piesa "Looking For Stars"

Hooverphonic si Matthias Lebeer au lansat un nou clip pentru piesa "Looking For Stars"

Hooverphonic au lansat o noua versiune pentru clipul celui mai recent single, "Looking For Stars", in colaborare cu Matthias Lebeer. Avand in vedere faptul ca trupa are deja experienta in ceea ce priveste filmul, colaborarea cu regizorul Matthias Lebeer a fost in progres care a venit natural.

"With Looking for Stars the single, the story is the defining struggle of youth: between freedom and conformity and the dark places that can take you. We wanted to find a way to place the listener in the centre of that psychological maelstrom. We’re film obsessed so we thought f*ck it let’s try to tell this story through film as well as music. We loved working with Matthias in the past on our video for "One Two Three". He’s so conceptual, and wild and out there, he was the perfect choice to collaborate with on this one.", au declarat membrii trupei despre "Looking For Stars".

Matthias Lebeer a mai adaugat: "Although I was given total free rein by the band, the treatment I wrote became a launchpad for an intense creative partnership. Sound design in and around the track itself was extremely important here and the process of creating new music for the intro and outro of the film became really intense. We were filming just outside of Athens at an old, abandoned airport, eating, sleeping, drinking, dancing, creating together 24hrs a day. It was a hinterland space and they force you to enter a kind of liminal world that’s something more than three dimensional, with more texture and that’s exactly where we wanted to take the audience through this film."

Clipul ii prezinta pe membrii trupei ajungand la un party care scapa de sub control. Toate scenele par rupte dintr-o capodopera a lui Tarantino.

Noi ne vedem cu cei de la Hooverphonic pe 10 octombrie la Hard Rock Cafe din Bucurestin si pe 9 octombrie la /Form Space din Cluj Napoca.

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