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Piesa Jamie Foxx With You face parte de pe albumul Unpredictable , lansat in anul 2005 la casa de discuri J-Records .

Versuri Jamie Foxx - With You

Girl I got to get... 
Have you ever been to Spain in the slow lane, 
Holdin' your name, play n bet it like no pain (no gain) 
Let me show you wot your body is made fo', 
everything is on me its all paid fo' 
bubble up, get in trouble up, and raise your level up (come on, come on) 
Put your heart in, I bet your pardon, 
A flower in my secret garden, 
Girl I got to get... 
I been thinking for the longest time, 
All your blowing trees or on that wine, 
why you act like I, can't be the only one for you, yeah, 
and everytime I try to walk away, 
you put that ass on me and make me stay, 
girl I'm feeling so deceived, 
you got me feeling so confused, Oooh, 
I got to get with you