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Jamiroquai - Light Years

Piesa Jamiroquai Light Years face parte de pe albumul The Return of the Space Cowboy Sony Soho Square , lansat in anul 1994 la casa de discuri Sony Music .

Versuri Jamiroquai - Light Years

People tell me I'm no good 
Cos I'm expressin' all my sentiments 
Now I got to channel all my vehemence 
For the benefit of my self defence 
And you can be a do gooder 
But true sincerity ain't charity 
It can take a life time to be 
How you wanna be. 
You can be light years 
Away from serious intention 
And I thought I knew it all 
I'd get to turn mankind 
This way 
If you don't know you can be light years 
Away from your true destination. No conscious escalation 
Until I get with good vibration 
I'm never gonna get to use that 
use that earthly power 
Can never take the place of peace of mind 
Losing all sense of direction. 
When you're light years. 
Too far away to turn you back on substitution 
There is no u-turn on a one way route 
Goin' up when I learn to love the life I can bite the fruit 
Now I got sunshine in my life. 
Light years 
Never to return to Babylon 
See money don't make a man 
But if you really want you get there anyway you can.