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Piesa Joss Stone Bad Habit face parte de pe albumul Introducing Joss Stone , lansat in anul 2007 la casa de discuri Virgin .

Versuri Joss Stone - Bad Habit

[CHORUS] You're my bad habit I'm trying not to love you like I do (but it's no use you know there's no use you know there's no use) You're my bad habit... no somehow I don't wanna be rid of you (but it's no use you know there's no use)

It's obvious to me your kiss is lethal Your drug of choice is love and I can't come down All the names under the sunre's more than one reason You could be everyone but I still want you bad (want you bad) Some say it's sad (say it's sad)

[CHORUS] Always got someone out lookin for you and sometimes I just wanna knock you out You'd say I'd lost half of my brain Clinically I'm insane Cause I fiend for you bad (for you bad) You're the best I ever had (ever had)

[CHORUS] You do me so wrong But you love me so right There's more than one reason Why you shouldn't be in me life To tell you I don't want you no more would be a lie I gotta step back and accept the fact that you're my you're my bad habit


I need to have you baby (baby) I'm lost without your taste and (ooh I'm lost without) You're my drug my lifetime craving (you're the drug you're the vice that I love) You're my bad habit baby you're my bad habit baby

Oh you're my cigarette Even better you're my chocolate A straight shot to the head

Oh I don't wanna be I don't wanna be rid of you baby

All I need a fix or two and it's gotta be you You're my you're my you're my You're my bad habit baby