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Joss Stone - Less Is More

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Piesa Joss Stone Less Is More face parte de pe albumul Mind Body and Soul , lansat in anul 2004 la casa de discuri S-Curve .

Versuri Joss Stone - Less Is More

Don't go sending me those three dozen roses 
Don't you know that just one rose will do 
Don't go trying to put diamonds on my fingers 
Don't you know that I'm making money too 
Don't go throwing those stones outside my window 
You don't gotta be calling three times a day 
'Cause if you do then when we get together 
I'll be biting my lip 'cause there's nothing else left to say 
Haven't you heard absence makes the heart grow fonder 
Haven't you heard nothing good comes overnight 
I'm telling you straight baby, just in case you wonder 
It's turning me off, crowding me out its not right