Keshia Chante - Together

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Piesa Keshia Chante Together face parte de pe albumul Keshia Chanté , lansat in anul 2004 la casa de discuri BMG .

Versuri Keshia Chante - Together

Oh ya 
U know im down  
And im there for you 
I know you got my back  
And I gotchu too 
And theres something you should know 
Lets do it together 
See im your bonnie 
And you're my clyde 
Im always gonna be here by your side 
And theres something you should know 
Lets do it together 
[Verse 1] 
I know we don't always 
See eye to eye 
Cause you be looking one way 
And so am I 
We got an understandin 
And that's just how it is 
No matter what tha problem 
Were still makin ends 
Baby u know 
Im loving all this time with you 
Aint letting you go 
I don't wanna lose a good thing 
Not to young to see 
That true love comes once in a lifetime 
So come with me 
We can do this together 
[Verse 2] 
I told you from the get go 
Im down to ride 
Aint no looking backwards 
We'd be one for life 
Love can be so demandin 
Its all in the game 
But as long as were together 
We'll make it through the rain, ya 
Cause u know im there for you 
No one can love you better 
All the things that we've been through 
No one can take ya place 
You and I against the world 
Lets make it last forever 
You're the only one for me 
U wantchu 
I need u 
I love u