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 (feat. Blu Cantrell)  
What the hell is a yee-haw? (Well...) 
That's that country shit 
Yeah, May, Blu, (wheww) crazy cat, yeah.  
Bob Marley (whewww) 
That's that country shit... 
Round up, round up, yeah 
You know what we came to do 
Dance floor bootylicious 
Party with May and Blu 
Hot tamales we bum rush the parties 
In Danalies (?) on Ducalies (?) in drop-top Ferrari's 
Fingernails, toenails, hair and makeup 
Studded up my ear with a pair from Jacob's 
New faced, dudes chase, mommie lookin' too laced 
Honey's iced feelin' like they killin' with screw face 
Me and my crew stay loose off that gray ? 
Order bottles of ? with cranberry and grapefruit 
Wet the sex kitten (grrr) 
Start chillin' with stars 
And fuck the bars 
Puffin' cigars 
12 in the afternoon 
Runnin' kinda late I can't wait for you 
Gotta have my hair done and my nail done, too 
Just like every other girl plans to do. (dontcha, dontcha, dontcha know) 
If you wanna ride it's ok 
Keep in mind that I don't have all day 
Gotta hurry up before the night slips away 
Dontcha, dontcha, dontcha know .. 
Round everybody up 
Hit the club and tear it down 
If you're up against the wall then you're in the wrong place 
Game players not allowed 
Everybody up in the crowd (dontcha, dontcha, dontcha know) 
Don't hesitate come follow me now 
Let me hear you all say