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Laura Nyro - Lazy Susan

Piesa Laura Nyro Lazy Susan face parte de pe albumul More Than a New Discovery , lansat in anul 1967 la casa de discuri Revola .

Versuri Laura Nyro - Lazy Susan

Lazy flower, my you've grown so tall 
I have lost and loved him, you have seen it all 
Lazy Susan, lazy through 
Hasn't got a think to do 
Oh, but to sit there and light up the hillside 
Sun-fried, black-eyed Sue 
Lazy Susan, lazy through 
All the hills in love with you 
Courted and cradled by heaven and hillside 
Sun-fried, black-eyed Sue, black-eyed Sue, black-eyed 
Black-eyed Sue, how happy you must be 
Once, I too had someone loving me 
Johnny, Johnny, warm and true 
That's how I remember you 
This morning, just as I found you, up there on the hillside 
With sun-fried, black-eyed lazy Susan, Susan