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Laura Nyro - Triple Goddess Twilight

Piesa Laura Nyro Triple Goddess Twilight face parte de pe albumul Angel in the Dark , lansat in anul 2001 la casa de discuri Rounder Records .

Versuri Laura Nyro - Triple Goddess Twilight

I was a sweet baby in my mother's arms, we were strolling through the park. 
Picnic, peace walk, progress. 
Just a baby in her arms, my politics are based on her charms. 
Triple Goddess Twilight, slow down. Feel the land, violet everywhere, I'll meet you there. 
Mother, you died young and left me. Your twilight colors, rose, ah, burgundy, coral mist. 
What are the shades of loneliness? 
Triple Goddess Twilight, late sky violet and pink. 
All roads lead to Venus. I'll meet you there in your dream of progress. 
My grandfather painted houses on a ladder in the sky. 
He was working class, urbane, streetwise. 
Said, “We can change the world, girl, love will inspire.” 
Told me this through whiskey and revolutionary fire. 
Triple Goddess Twilight, last trace of ruby and flame. First star leads to Venus. 
He left a war to talk in peace now. Sad life was for our dream, our dream of progress.