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Leann Rimes - Twisted Angel

Piesa Leann Rimes Twisted Angel face parte de pe albumul Twisted Angel , lansat in anul 2002 la casa de discuri Curb Records .

Versuri Leann Rimes - Twisted Angel

Ever since I was a little child 
I was told to do no wrong 
The angel in my mama's 
precious eyes 
Could be a devil with a heart 
of stone 
I couldn't help myself, 
just had to go my way 
Now I've got hell to pay 
Yeah I'm a twisted angel 
Flying wild and free 
Yeah I'm a twisted angel 
Flying to heaven on a  
broken wing 
Back when I was daddy's little girl 
He brought me up on the 
Rolling Stones 
Thrown into the flame, 
thrown into the world 
That's when I learned how to rock n'roll 
Look's like everything 
has gone my way 
But I've still got hell to raise