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Leann Rimes - Wound Up

Piesa Leann Rimes Wound Up face parte de pe albumul Twisted Angel , lansat in anul 2002 la casa de discuri Curb Records .

Versuri Leann Rimes - Wound Up

Little Carrie Ann what a beautiful girl 
From the moment she was born 
She was always perfect 
Whole town said "Why can't you be more like her?" 
Lights go on and she's ready to spin 
On stage doing all the things she's told to 
Puts on a show in front of the whole damn world 
I pray to the heavens to try to save her soul 
Cause that sweet little angel is not the girl i know 
She gets wound up 
she gets higher by the minute 
Turns the sound up 
To drown out all the pain 
They all think they know her 
But no one really knows 
That she goes a little crazy sometimes 
She parks her car at the top of the hill 
Only inches from the edge 
Where she's almost falling 
Stares at the sky till she's drowning in the rain 
Nice dress, nice smile 
What a wonderful child 
If they only knew all the lies she's told them 
It's too complicated for her to explain 
She prays to the heavens to try to save her soul 
Cause the sweet little angel is close to letting go