Less Than Jake - 1989

Versuri Less Than Jake - 1989

Let me give you some insight into my insides 
I haven't been this confused in such a long time 
you can't believe I've spent just losing my mind 
I can't believe that 10 years have really gone by 
it's been a long time 
Had a plan for every year I've been alive 
a million more I've built up inside of me 
there's a million more that I have bottled up 
and that I've fucked up 
do you feel like the hard times are mountains you've climbed lying awake 
it still feels like it's '89 it's been along time 
those mindless days the plans that I've made 
the countless mistakes all the times I've changed 
through the years I faced all that's kept me sane 
every single day