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Lil Boosie - 2 Way Love Affair

Piesa Lil Boosie 2 Way Love Affair face parte de pe albumul Boosieanna, Vol. 4 , lansat in anul 2009 la casa de discuri 1 Stop .

Versuri Lil Boosie - 2 Way Love Affair

yuh yuh 
Shut up 
(shut the fuck up) 
what up 
(what up bae) 
man sometimes.. 
i just cant make my mind up 
i love you though 
(u know i love you rite?) 
im trapped;im caught up 
caught up,in the middle 
(yea in the middle) 
of a 2 way love affiar 
imm trapped;caught up 
caught up 
in the middle 
(yea)in the middle 
of a 2 way love affair 
-verse 1- 
i know i fucked up 
i hurt you so many times 
i know u tierd of cryin 
i apologize. 
can you come n take a ride in my 45 
real talk im missing you 
kissing you and hugging you tight 
and makin love on sight 
(we fuck wherever) 
we together is the best i ever done 
but when the love gets to deep 
i run. 
but i love you though 
cuz you on my mind everytime i fuck another hoe 
thats how i really know. 
late night countin paper with me 
(i remember) 
bubble bath,u usto cater to me. 
dont wanna lose you to the streets 
thats why everytime we beef 
i call ya like "lets meet" 
(fa real) 
shit dun got too deep 
you dont want to be my friend 
i gotta old lady n she been here 
whats up man(whats up) 
why you trippin man!? 
im made my mind up 
what you talkn about? 
im caught up; caught up 
in the middle 
(yea)the middle 
of a 2 way love affair 
-verse 2- 
say girl you know whats happenin 
you know what i do 
the way she say she love boo 
she cant be number 2. 
so we beefin; she cheatin 
and i dun lost love 
plus my real thang 
man i almost lost her 
wan be wit you somtimes 
wanna be wit her somtimes 
if i could have you both 
that'll really blow my mind. 
sometimes i want to let you both go 
but they get me in the bed 
n they take me on that rodeo. 
why u cant let her go? 
cuz i love her 
and she been down wit me from the shine 
to the struggle. 
(u dont understand) 
you a bad muhfucka, 
you say you love me. 
what got me feenin for you; 
what got you feenin for me? 
im caught up; caught up 
in the middle(yea)  
the middle 
of a 2 way love affair 
this is a old hit 
(a classic) 
i just brought that bitch back(like a motherfuckin flat top)boosie bad azz stop. 
(you know) 
i know they gotta motherfucka trapped out there tonight 
cant make your mind up 
that outside pussy a fool! 
caught up! 
boosie bad azz 
turn me up.