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Lil Boosie - Never Been a Bitch

Piesa Lil Boosie Never Been a Bitch face parte de pe albumul Lil Boosieanna, Pt. 2 , lansat in anul 2008 la casa de discuri Gongo .

Versuri Lil Boosie - Never Been a Bitch

I ain't neva been a bitch niggaaa(x2) ask some body(x2)


ask sombody i ain't neve been a bitch grind hard take my charge i ain't neva been a snitch im rich off makin these rymes fo some whip slangin iron been slangin that steel since my teenage years tryna knock how i live gone get you pop wit that still dat iron will get his mine right how im rockin fo real had to fight my whole fuckin life had to some iron to get some niggaz mine right who want war wit me went to school broke the rules talk shit i broke on you niggaz get the back had fuck that his whole crew these niggaz talkin shit thats what i told the click don't panic mane i got it umma send a hit when i was young i had heart i always tried for it learned how to swim jumpin off the divin board neva scad i always face my problems from top to the bottom nigga ask sombody