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Lil Boosie - Thug in My Life

Piesa Lil Boosie Thug in My Life face parte de pe albumul For My Thugz , lansat in anul 2003 la casa de discuri Trill Entertainment .

Versuri Lil Boosie - Thug in My Life

Thug in my Life  
attention ladies I'm tired of playin 
why the fuck you tryin fuck when you know you gotta man 
wonder if my girl like that thank about it 
that's what got me packin and I'm out it 
lets go 
[Verse one] 
she keep on askin me bout hoes everyday 
but I'm comin home to you so fuck what these hoes say 
but its time to go 
so now I'm searchin at the club 
hopein I can find somebody just like me a straight thug 
with a heart of a winner who fix me breakfast for dinner 
who won't fuss when I get home just let go up in her 
that's what I'm lookin for 
a girl who far from a rookie bra 
but she gotta be raw so all my haters could look at her 
so thru the door came this click of lil cuties 
and I was hopein one of them would like to get with lil boosie 
so I picked the rawest one out the click 
grabbed her by her shoulder uh and told her this 
[Chorus: repeat] 
I need a thug in my life 
and you ain't gotta be my wife 
just hold me down when its tight 
and we gone ride on first class 
and you ain't gotta be afraid 
anything you want you ask 
[Verse two] 
now on the first day she told me 
that we could only be friends 
say she was hurt once before by this lil nigga with ends 
ran into me bout her problems as she lay on the pillow 
told me how her momma died and how her pops was a killer 
told me how she lost her virgin to this nigga who lied 
broke her heart told her he loved her just to get up inside 
that's when we went on a ride to New Orleans 
I made her smile the whole time 
I laced a bottle with wine and told her this is how it should be 
and asked her can have her heart she said could be 
I told her bout my lifetime that's when she started to cry 
told me she coulnd't believe that I was walkin the life 
I told all I want from her is her heart 
don't worry bout the sex we can do that when you want start 
she ain't want to go home so I let her stay with me 
and whispered in her ear right before she lay to sleep 
[Chorus: repeat] 
[Verse three] 
as time went on we got on (we got on) 
now three months later we majoring back and forth to Las Vegas 
smokin on Garcia Vega and my hoes mad 
I told them get they shit together now they see all leather 
on my wrist is the better see my bitch bout whatever 
and she was taught by Torrance Hatchett so she was taught by the devil 
wasn't no thug when I met her but I seen it up in her 
and she love my thug pleasures so I got me a winner 
breakfast or dinner she happy for a thug on time 
and when we fuckin she be screamin like I'm touchin her spine 
I know I'm touchin her mind cause she ain't never had a thug 
who fucked in a suit over the city in a tub 
and money don't change her 
she stay the same thru thick and thin 
kept her pussy in her draws when I went off to the pen 
that's why she drive my benz she more than a friend 
she the one who took the charge when the door got kicked in 
ya heard me