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Lil Kim - W.P.I.M.P.

Piesa Lil Kim W.P.I.M.P. face parte de pe albumul The Naked Truth , lansat in anul 2005 la casa de discuri Atlantic .

Versuri Lil Kim - W.P.I.M.P.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen 
I am here live 
Welcome to W.P.I.M.P. T 
I don't know what it take 
I'm talking about it's hard in the beginning in the industry 
How the fuck do you get in the industry and then stay there 
Every time you come out you got some more hot shit 
Doing some more shit that bit as 'round the country go 
That's what the fuck I meant to do 
That's living legendship 
You just livin', that's how I've been 
But if you don't watch your mouth 
Somebody might take it apart too 


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