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What do you say to the child 
Whose god is in the T.V.? 
And what do you say to the man 
Who blames the world on T.V.? 
They don't even know how to sing my song 
But they won't even try it 
With me, with me, with me 
Who is standing over playing like 
The teacher 
Harnessing the learned 
Who try but can't leave her 
I want to beg the liars to lay down 
Their sirens 
That play like the angels 
To my deep desire 
Free my son 
Let him walk right through the rain 
Free my son 
Make him waterboy 
Free my son 
There he stands down on the shore 
Free my son 
What do you say to the man 
Who treats her like a mother? 
And what do you say to the man 
Who treats him like a father? 
"Come and see my heart. Come inside 
And learn"? 
Come and see my soul, it's like yours, 
I say it's just like yours"? 
Who is making over 
Idolizing princes banishing the dreamers with 
Barbed-wire fences 
And telling all the children who run to 
Her feet 
That they have no vision 
And love's all diseased 
Free my son