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Madonna Physical Attraction face parte de pe albumul You Can Dance , lansat in anul 1987 la Sire Records .

Versuri Madonna - Physical Attraction

You say that you need my love
And you`re wantin` my body, I don`t mind
Baby all I`ve got is time
And I`m waiting to make you mine

You say you wanna stay the night
But you`ll leave me tomorrow, I don`t care
All of your moves are right
We can take it anywhere, this


Physical attraction
It`s a chemical reaction
Physical attraction
Chemical reaction

Trying hard to get away
But I can`t seem to fight the way I feel
Even though you`re not for real
Your touch is driving me
Crazy and when you smile
It`s just makin` me want you more and more
Baby won`t you stay a while
It could be such a fantasy


Maybe we were meant to be together
Even though we never met before
We got to move before the sun is rising
And you`ll be walking slowly out the door


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