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Why you wanna make me cry 
Aren't you tired of disappointing me 
Don't you know that I deserve better 
Than you ever gave to me 
You know it's just the way 
I give, you take, baby 
Every time I'm up then you come around 
And you try to bring me down, my soul 
Keeps on telling me that I've gotta let you go 
My soul, and with all your lies 
Boy, you've tainted everything 
My soul, I've gotta let you go, 'cause I know 
You're poisoning my soul 
Remember when you gave me strength 
Baby, now you only make me weak 
I pray somehow that I can break 
The spell you put on me 
I can't live with you, I can't live without your love 
You keep telling me and when you come around I just break on down 
'Cause I know you no good, I can't live without your love