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Please stop pretending we're not the same 
That you don't feel no pain when I know 
And don't try to turn away, cover up when you're afraid 
Don't be afraid, 'cause I know 
Sometimes it's hard to tell 
That it's ok, yes, it's ok, baby, with me 
You can cry, baby, it's alright 
Let them fall and I'll dry your eyes 
Don't you feel no shame, 'cause I love your weakness 
You can cry, baby, it's alright 
When you hurt, you don't have to hide 
Just let down your guard, 'cause I love your weakness 
Baby, you weakness, I love your weakness 
So feel safe, and know you can speak your mind 
Put all your pride aside, 'cause I know 
When things get too hard to take, just give into my embrace 
And I'll keep you safe, 'cause I know 
Did the world disappoint you, babe 
Leave you sold, took your innocence away 
Let me compensate, I'll be there if it falls apart, let me in 
If you open your heart, just let me in, 'cause, baby, I know