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Maria - You, Me And She

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Seems like lately, you're far away 
Even when you're sitting near 
Drives me crazy, that you don't seem to care 
Feels so lonely, I know that something's wrong 
I can tell with just a touch 
I'm not the only one that you're thinking of 
Why do you say that you're mine, when its plain to see 
Your past ain't too far behind and now it's catching up with me 
Didn't know every time that you said "we" 
You knew she was still around 
Boy, I thought it was only you and me 
Cant you see that three's a crowd 
Didn't know when you said we'd always be 
You were really thinking 'bout 
We'd always be, you and me and she 
Can't you see that three's a crowd 
Left unspoken, that when you gave your heart 
I wouldn't have to share, now mine's broken 
You know that's unfair when you were so blessed 
I have you everything, my heart, my soul, my time 
Wish I would've known this, was all built on lies 
That's why I've got to let you go, if you can't choose then, baby, I'll have to 
Tell you how it's gonna be, now when you think of me 
It can't be as part of we