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Matisyahu - Ancient Lullaby

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Piesa Matisyahu Ancient Lullaby face parte de pe albumul Youth , lansat in anul 2006 la casa de discuri JDub/EMI .

Versuri Matisyahu - Ancient Lullaby


Mist rising on the horizon  
Listenin with my ears and listenin with my eyes and  
Listenin until we've ridden the mud from the parasite  
Listenin until our hearts start to glisten, realize  
Share the vision and my rhythms and we'll melt the ice  
Start sizzlin, spilling from the ceiling, bread dripping drizzling  
Close to the broken-heart, them crushed in spirit  
Redeem the soul of your servant  
Seek his, pursue it 
Keep the sparkle in your eyes  
Oh you know, we're not gon die  
Like flyin  
Soul times for the times when we'll stay unified  
The eyes of Has hem are to the righteous and he hears their