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 (feat. Naughty by Nature)  
Yo, they don't know how Next is gonna come 
Divine style in 9-7 ya'll 
So get ready, check it out 
One time 
One time, ah ah ah for your mind 
Yeah, check this out 
Listen baby 
Girl what were you thinking 
When you ran down on me 
Tryin' to blow the spot 
For all of your girls to see 
All up in this place 
With your hands in my face 
What's that all about 
Can we talk it out babe 
I gotta let you know how it is 
And where I'm coming from 
So you can see where we're at 
I'll never disrupt your flow 
Even when you're hanging with your little old friends 
And that's a fact 
Baby, come on lets get it right 
We been together too long and I don't wanna fight 
So take a sip on this style 
Baby, be strong cuz I know you didn't mean it