Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Saint Huck

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Piesa Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Saint Huck face parte de pe albumul From Her to Eternity , lansat in anul 1984 la casa de discuri Mute Records .

Versuri Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Saint Huck

Born of the river,Born of its never-changing, never-changing murky waterHuck standing like a Saint, upon its deckIf ya wanna catch a Saint,then bait ja hook, let's take a walk...'O come to me!, O come to me!' is what the dirt-irtysay to Huck... HUCKwoah-woah, woah woah!Saint Huck! Huck!Straight in the arms of the city goes Huck,down the heckoning streets of op-po-tunitywhistling his favorite river-song...And a bad-bline-nigger at the pianoButs a sinister-bloo-lilt to that sing-a-longHuck senses somthing's wrong!Sirens wail in the city,and lil-Ulysses turn to puttyOl man River's got a bone to pick!Our boys hardly got a bone to suck!He go, woah-woah, woah woah!Saint Huck! Huck!The mo-o-o-on, its huge cycloptic eyewatches the city streets contracttwist and cripple and crack.Saint Huck goes on a dog's-leg nowSaint Huck goes on a dog's-leg nowWhy, you know the story!Ya wake up one morning and ya find your a thugblowing smoke fings in some diveYa fingers hot and itchin, cracking ya knucklesYa bull neck briseting...Still Huck he ventures on whistling,and Death reckons Huckleberry's time is up,O woah woah woah!Saint Huck! Huck!Yonder go Huck, minus pocket-watch an' wallet goneSkin shrinks wraps his skeletonNo wonder he got thinner, not, with his cold'n'skinny dinners!Saint Huck-a-Saint Elvis, Saint Huck-a-Saint ElvisO you recall the song ya used to sing-a-longShifting the river-trade on that ol' steamerLife is only a dream!But ya trade in the Mighty ol' man Riverfor the Dirty ol' Man Latrine!The brothel shiftThe hustle'n'the bustle and the green-backs rustleAnd all the sexy-cashAnd the randy-carsAnd the two dollar fucksO o o ya onto luck, onto luckWoah-woah-woah-woahSaint Huck! Huck!