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Groove ON Asculta alte radiouri Electro Dance

More than just a radio, GrooveOn is a concept. Everywhere it goes, it carries along a message. Everywhere it is heard, it manifests itself as the explanation of a cultural platform, an open arts space. At the same time, GrooveOn started as a reaction to the world we all live in, a world that is forever seeking answers. We chose to express them through music, photography, painting theatre and/or film.

Our manifesto is not about fighting for the truth, neither do we want to issue everlasting judgments as judgmental is the very attitude we get away from. We want to be the builders of a bridge between underground artists and provide them with the communication platform that their ideas can take off from, that platform that makes them heard.

GrooveOn started backwards: from a tangible radio to a project.  It is now, a concept that sketches itself as we go by. It holds the signature off all of those who choose to express themselves freely and purely, through arts.