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Samantha Fox - Another Woman (Too Many People)

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Piesa Samantha Fox Another Woman (Too Many People) face parte de pe albumul Just One Night , lansat in anul 1991 la casa de discuri Jive Records .

Versuri Samantha Fox - Another Woman (Too Many People)

(r.r. maue) 
I met a friend of mine just the other day 
She was really sorry, I said: "i'm okay!" 
But then she told me 'bout a boy who looked like you 
On your harley-d, you were talking to: 
Another woman 
Another woman 
I'm not the kind of girl who would take advice 
I'm a self-made lady of my own device 
I let the people say what the people want 
But I'm asking you, are they right or wrong 
Another woman 
Another woman 
Too many people walk out in the rain 
You saved her from drowning 
There's no-one to blame 
And if I cry me a river 
My life stays the same 
Got nothing to live for 
I'm losing the game 
She has got the best of me, my man 
Now I believe that water turns to red, red wine 
I'd buy every story from you every time 
You could even tell me that the world is flat 
But I never thought that you would ever have 
Another woman 
Another woman 
So I call you up because I'm missing you 
I dial your number, baby 
And I get right through 
But then the poison arrow hits as cold as ice 
Another woman 
Another woman


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