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Piesa Seether Burrito face parte de pe albumul Karma and Effect , lansat in anul 2005 la casa de discuri Wind-Up Records .

Versuri Seether - Burrito

Try to hide myself 
Give this to someone else 
My hands are stained with scum 
Wish I could wash it away 
You keep taking, taking away 
And keep breaking, breaking, break 
I can't believe in yesterday 
I feel you coming in 
I can't just stand by and watch you 
Save yourself as you fall from grace 
When you come around, I won't be your sympathy 
The worst is over now 
You said it anyhow 
My life in monochrome 
Wish I could regain control 
You keep taking, taking away 
I keep faking, faking, fake 
Find me, feel me fill me, then cut me up again 
Find me, feel me the cut me up