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Sia - Insidiously

Piesa Sia Insidiously face parte de pe albumul Healing Is Difficult , lansat in anul 2002 la casa de discuri Sony Music Distribution .

Versuri Sia - Insidiously


Mind you mind me  
You thought you could climb me  
I'm sorry to cut your rope  
Bu in you I've lost all hope  
Mind you mind me  
I haven't seen you lately  
Oh how many times you liked to phone  
To see if your seed I could sow  
I tell you if that's what you're about  
Friends like you I can do without  
Mind you mind me  
I laught at your transparency  
You're my new best friend  
Your fucked up life can I mend  
Mind you mind me  
I find it interesting to see  
When I only offer you a smile, oh how  
You forget to dial  
Believe me, I know you work