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Beats Electronic Festival incepe astazi, iar noi am vorbit cu Weval - interviu

Beats Electronic Festival incepe astazi, iar noi am vorbit cu Weval - interviu

Telekom Electronic Beats Festival incepe astazi, iar printre artistii internationali care vor urca pe scenele festivalului se numara Francesca Lombardo, Hudson Mohawke, Ten Fe, TEED si multi altii.

Noi am avut ocazia sa schimbam cateva vorbe cu olandezii de Weval si iata ce ne-au spus:

Hello guys! First of all...tell us a little bit about yourselves.

Our names are Merijn and Harm. We both live in Amsterdam. During the week we are working from the attic of an old primary school building on our debut album. In the weekends we play often and are very happy to visit interesting places such as Bucharest this weekend.

How did you start working together?

We met five years ago and started making music. First on a couch with shitty speakers and a terrible laptop. That slowly developed. We had a lot of fun so we worked more and more, which resulted in our first EP ‘Half Age’.

Recently, you released two new songs. What should we expect from you in the near future?

We are working on our album, I guess we’re at 80%. It will be finished it in two month’s from now. The plan is to release it somewhere in the beginning of 2016 on Kompakt Records.

What are your fondest musical memories?

Although we had a different taste in music when we were young, we both were big fans of the song ‘All I Want To Say Is That’ (They Don’t Care About Us) from Michael Jackson. The drums and the energy of that song really made an impact. The nostalgic part of this memory is that music back then was much more rare. We didn’t have the money to buy records, television had to do it. Harm: In the weekends I was waiting every morning in pyjamas for ‘All I Want To Say Is That’ to pass by. If it did (they didn’t play it that much)… it was magic. One time my neighbor ran into our house screaming that it was on... I was already watching it :)

How did you got involved in EDM music?

We think the term EDM stands for something we are not part of. But if you mean electronic music, for us it’s a natural and logic step to use electronic instruments. We like synthesizers and repetitive stuff. We’re not so much aware of genres and try to avoid being categorized. But at the same time we know of course that we’re not making Metal.

The biggest challenge as a band was...

It’s always a big challenge to finish a track. Sometimes it goes easily but not often. Finishing a track after making the essential idea means listen to it another 1000 times. You start to doubt, changing stuff that maybe was already good. Sometimes you forget why you liked the idea in the first place.

If you Were to name two DJs of the moment from your point of view ... Who would they be ?

We really like the DJ sets of Motor City Drum Ensemble, super organic stuff. Also Four Tet is a big inspiration. The way he plays with different styles in one DJ set is great. Super broad but still a whole.

Is there an artist that you would like to work with? And if so...who that artist be and why?

To really work with someone you to need to meet before we think. But OK, Thom Yorke would be nice ; )

What should we expect from you this weekend ?

We are going to play a live set, which means we control all melodies with synthesizers and jam with chopped up beats. A lot of tracks sound different from the original, more focused on the dance floor.

Any final words for your fans who are coming to see you perform?

Thanks for dropping by and we hope you’ll have a good time!

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