The Boy Who Cried Wolf - Swamps

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Piesa The Boy Who Cried Wolf Swamps face parte de pe albumul Bad Time Stories , lansat in anul 2013 .

Versuri The Boy Who Cried Wolf - Swamps

You too will walk this path,
Through mushrooms spores and lichen..
You will get lost, you'll dry your voice,
Your eyes, ever deceiving..
On muddy waters, beneath the landscape rust
Into the deluge, into the fray,
So far away, rotting dusk..
All these creatures living in the swamps,
Are sick and tired of the cunts, claiming even ground,
When they don't know the sound
Of mud under your feet..
You say our hearts bleed blue,
But our veins pump it black.. well, that's true..
May we share your blame, of losing our path..
As we dare, pull on roots and vines,
Until you're also, forced to climb..
You too will walk this path !
You too will rot away !
Your eyes !.. Your eyes !..
Deceiving me today , for the last time..
The swamps can make you..
Earn your waking, accept your reach..
Your thirst quenched by the stitch,
Of walking all the bitter miles,
You preached.


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