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If life is a dream I'm dreaming of you
9 minutes of 10 I'm thinking of you
What a beautiful life
If you were here everyday
If we could leave in the morning or run off
Today would be heaven
Heaven... Is wherever you are

The biggest lie I've ever been told
Is that you'll find love wherever you go
Now I know it's alive
The moment I met you
Fireworks in the sky
If you could only come too
It'd be heaven
Cause heaven... Is wherever you are

The colours are brighter when your in the frame
The world stopped turning for a minute today
We could run for the hills
Break down every door
Nothing is scary
Together well stand tall
Just come with me, with me
Cause life is too short

My heart beats louder
Than I've known before
I can't stop that sound
And I can't lie no more
I can't tame this feeling, so unstoppable
Its like a lions roar
Its like a lions roar.

Gonna be somebody
I wanted to be Somebody
Now you are here with me
I'm somebody that wanted to live.

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