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Interviu Tides From Nebula: "Romania feels like home for us"

Interviu Tides From Nebula: "Romania feels like home for us"

Tides From Nebula este o formatie post-rock nascuta in inima Varsoviei si este considerata a fi o adevarata nebuloasa artistica ce explodeaza in mii de nuante muzicale atunci cand membrii ei sunt pe scena.

Tides From Nebula au lansat in urma cu cateva luni albumul "Safehaven", un material interesant si complex cu ajutorul caruia au castigat un spectru nou de fani si pe care il vor aduce si la Bucuresti, in Club Control, unde formatia va sustine un concert spectaculos la finele acestei saptamani, adica pe 22 octombrie. Va recomandam sa nu ratati acest eveniment!

Prinsi pe drum, in turneul de promovare pentru "Safehaven", Tides From Nebula ne-au lasat sa-i stresam cu cateva intrebari despre noul lor album.

Hello and thank you for dedicating a little bit of your time to answer a few questions for our readers on! Please, tell us, what is that ONE thing that inspires and drives your creativity?

I really can't point one main thing, or just trick you by saying 'life' inspires us. We are living normal everyday life, and all things that we do, somehow inspires us.

We need to ask, why "Tides From Nebula" ? We know what it means, but why did you choose this specific name for your project?

It felt and sounded good. And it just fits the music, on the other hand it can be a name of a band which plays something totally different, so I guess its universal as well.

You recently started your European Tour for 'SAFEHAVEN'. How is everybody feeling?

I am in a van at the moment, travelling to Rijeka. We are all good, the tour is getting better and better, lots of people at the shows, awesome audience every night, we can't ask for more!

Some say that your new album is a normal and logical progression from Eternal Movement, other say that it respects the standards you have set with "Aura" back in 2009. Can you tell us why "Safehaven" is different from your previous albums?

I think all our albums are a bit different, we like to develope and progress. 'safehaven' is still quite fresh so its hard to tell my opinion about it, but right now i love it and I think it's our best one. People also seem to like it very much, we got some new fans, for some people its the only album they know, pretty stoked about it.

Your new album cover depicts the Cayan Tower from Dubai. Why did you choose this specific image for Safehaven?

We found an amazing German photographer Matthias Heinrich, we were just digging into his work and suddenly bam, here it is, the cover of our new album. It just fits perfectly and what us inportant its quite ironic. You know, modern cities, fast life, technology, it is totally not a safe haven which people should look for, but they do. They think that material stuff will make them happy, and they die struggling to collect more stuff, which they do not need at all.

Some metalheads have associated your recent music with Agalloch, from US, even if Agalloch is a little bit "darker". Have you ever considered to cross the line and go to the "dark side" in order to explore other musical themes?

Don't know this band, but definetely I know lots of metal bands. I think maybe we will play something dark and heavy someday, like on our debut album, who knows. Right now we are rather into electronic music, i mean warm, analogue one, but never say never, right?

They say your music has healing properties. When you write new music do you start with this thought, that what comes out of your minds could heal some souls?

Really? Haha, awesome. I guess this is the puropose of the music, to heal souls, no matter what the genre is. Anyway, i miss the old days, before the digital era, when music was more valuable.

You will be touring a little bit this month in Romania as well. Are you going to insert in your setlist some of you older songs or it's going to be an exclusive "Safehaven" set of shows?

Definetely 'the best of' setlist. We will play our and fans favourites, but of course a couple of tracks of 'safehaven' will be included.

Do you have any message for your Romanian fans who can hardly wait to see your show at Club Control?

Romania feels like home for us, best audience there, see you in a couple of days!

Pentru cei ce doresc sa fie prezenti la concertul pe care Tides From Nebula il pregatesc pentru Bucuresti, biletele sunt disponibile in reteaua fizica iaBilet si pe cu mentiunea ca numarul lor este limitat la 400!

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