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Versuri Tonic - Mean To Me

There's an empty place inside that is hurting me 
A place that keeps my heart out on its own 
A disconnected function of my wretchedness 
That keeps me so hard pressed  
It's a place where words are spoken you 
will never hear 
A broken bridge of lines that just won't come 
An empty lung that won't give the wind 
to speak at me 
How far can it be from home 
Why you gotta be so mean to me 
Why you gotta drag me down just to make me see 
You know I don't listen good and I'm always in need 
So why you gotta be so mean to me 
Do you think that it got up and left 
for good this time 
A crowd of faceless strangers moving on 
A feeling that you left it all behind you now 
That it doesn't hurt somehow 
To know